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Most ADSL modems, being in bridge mode is not assigned any ip address to it. What we do will be to convert it into router mode so that it gets its own ip address and is used as a router for up to 255 machines without the need to buy an additional device.

For our purpose we will use an ADSL 2+ modem model AR21TU2.

Let’s start, to be able to enter our modem we must configure the ip of our pc as follows:

Ip Address:

Subnet Mask:

The rest we leave it blank as in the image after we accept to make the configuration adapt to the system.


Now we must connect directly to the modem with a network cable and write in a browser the address and then ask for a user and a password, depending on the brand, model and even the internet service provider.

In the ‘internet setup’ tab we enable the DHCP server, so we write the address in ‘Starting IP Address’ section, add as many IP addresses as we want to grant in ‘IP Pool Count’ and then click the save button


Then, in the ‘internet’ sub-tab we must configure as Dynamic IP Address on the ISP Section and click the save button.


Now, close the browser and if necessary, restart your modem and it will be ready.

Note 1: You need a multiport switch to be able to grant multiple IP Addresses.

Note 2: If you have a WiFi Router on your network, you must configure it into an Access Point or as Bridge Mode.

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