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For this purpose we use our available operating systems other than Windows 7, Linux Ubuntu 14.04(debian based) and Android

MS Windows 7

On Windows 7 please go to ‘Start’ button and type in search box:


This will open a MSDOS command window, then type:

> ipconfig


Linux Ubuntu Studio 14.04

To see your router IP open a command window and type any of the commands:

$ route


$ netstat -nr


$ ip route show

Android 4.1

On android we have two news, one bad and one good, the bad is that Android don’t have a IP analyzer by default, only we can access the device IP going to settings/device info/status. But this don’t have the router IP Address info. The good news is there is many free apps that allows us to do it, one we chose for this tutorial is WiFi Analyzer.

Once installed, open the app and will show all the AP availables, channels and its signal transmission power


To see your router IP Address click on ‘menu’ and then ‘tools’ and select ‘LAN Neighbors’


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