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The access to the router is carried out through its IP address, which is almosy always or From a browser you access the IP address and enter the configuration. We will show you, in simple words, how to enter the router, how to locate and change your access password, how to change the name and password of the WiFi network, as well as some basic operations, the style of firmware update or open and close Ports.

How to access the router?

Most manufacturers offer their clients a program, web or app to enter the router. For example, D-Link does it through the web manager. In this tutorial we try the configuration of the D-Link DIR-505 router.

There is a manual way of doing it that is more or less the same for all routers: through the browser, using its input IP address.

To connect to the Internet and connect all devices (PCs, smartphones, consoles, tablets, etc.), the router assigns a local IP address to each device, which starts with 192.168. The router, for itself stays with the first one: or Other devices connected to the network have addresses of type,, etc.

To enter the router, launch a browser. In the field where you normally type the name of the web you want to visit, type:


Once you have accessed, placing the user and the password that your router requests, you can configure the router to your liking, always taking into account the recommended ranges of private IP addresses among other configurations.

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